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Hoshino USA Announces Partnership with Bergerault

by Christian Wissmuller • in
  • Upfront
• Created: January 9, 2019

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After years of development and Tama’s auspicious 2011 entry into the B&O percussion market, the drum builder has unveiled another surprise: Tama B&O Percussion has announced it will join forces with the venerable Bergerault Contemporary Percussion Company.

“We worked with numerous band directors during the development of our marching percussion line,” says Tama USA product manager Masaki Mizuno. “They were the ones who first suggested that a partnership with a quality keyboard & tympani manufacturer would be helpful in terms of the school bid process. We kept that in mind as the next step after our initial launch.”

Located in Ligueil, Centre, France, BERGERAULT is a family business that for over 80 years has created exceptional percussion instruments. BERGERAULT has developed a complete range of high-quality instruments meeting the demands of professionals around the world. BERGERAULT instruments are played by Orchestras, Universities and Drum Corps. The French Government designates BERGERAULT as a “Living Heritage Company” and under the aegis of UNESCO, is now included in the “rare art-work” inventory.

Tama’s Masaki Mizuno voices the company’s excitement about the new relationship: “Our commitment to combining groundbreaking hardware with great sounding drums has made the Band & Orchestra percussion industry stand up and take notice. Now, as the exclusive US distributor of Bergerault B&O percussion, our partnership will make our collective products an easy choice for band directors.”

The drum company states its mission as: “Tama is applying its more than four decades of high-quality drum-making expertise to the Band & Orchestra drum market. We intend to serve artists by solving design problems inherent in the status quo manufacturing approach. These solutions will maximize the percussionist’s comfort, safety, and performance, contributing to a richer performance experience.”

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