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• Created: January 22, 2018

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​JHS has announced that with immediate effect they will be exclusive distributors for Lizard Spit cleaning products. 

Formed in 1998 by Owner/Chemist/CEO Chris W. and based in West Michigan, Lizard Spit products are used by touring musicians through out the world and are ideal for guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, and even vocalists. Lizard Spit are committed to producing eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable and safe products for a variety of applications.

Available in three different sizes MP 01 Guitar Polish has a carnauba / water based formula which is easy to apply and easy to polish with NO smearing. 

MP 02 Fret Board Conditioner is possibly the highest quality fret board conditioner in the industry, due to it’s orange oil formula which has superior properties for cleaning and conditioning, compared to the more usual lemon oil. 

Meanwhile the MP 08 V.I.P. Vintage Instrument Polish is again carnauba based, and designed to clean and protect older finishes. Safely removes years of residue and protects with natural compounds. 

SLN 10 Slick Nutz is a nut slot/tension points lube which has NO petroleum, dries to a seated gel and helps the string renominate. It also does not attract dust/dirt like grease based lubes. 100% organic. eco- safe, and biodegradable. 

MP 04 Micro Fiber Polish Cloths, are 12″x 12″x 12″ size super fine, high quality polishing cloths. 

MP 12 Fresh-N-Easy is an organic, eco-friendly string lubricant that incorporates a rust inhibitor that stops the oxidation process. Makes for super fast playing action and smells great. 

For the drummer MP 03 Cymbal Polish cuts fast, removes residue and oxidation easy and has organic barrier protectant that naturally seals for longer lasting shine. Used in conjunction with MP 05 Drum Shell & Hardware Cleaner, a quick & easy, non-toxic, biodegradable polish that will keep your kit looking like new. IF you use coated cymbals, then the MP 07 Cymbal Cleaner safely removes finger prints, grime and dust.

MP 09 Microphone Sanitizer kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, germs and some scary viruses. Great for karaoke venues and festivals. This formula has drying agent to protect microphone diaphragm. 

Finally, the MP 06 Piano Polish uses the same formula as the guitar polish but with “ProtectShine” finger print control. 

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