SLM to Distribute Ponzol Mouthpieces

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• Created: April 27, 2015

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St. Louis Music has announced their appointment as the exclusive distributors of this excellent product for the United States and Canada.

“The Ponzol line of mouthpieces present a phenomenal option to retailers and players alike,” Says Craig Denny, vice president of Band & Orchestra at St. Louis Music. “They are machined extremely well, they are very consistent, and most importantly, they sound amazing. Ponzol Mouthpieces are well suited for playing in a variety of situations and hold their sound very well. They allow saxophonists to concentrate on musicianship instead of simply trying to play the saxophone.”

Peter Ponzol is an internationally known jazz saxophonist, saxophone designer and mouthpiece maker.  Ponzol mouthpieces have been a success in the world market for 30 years.  The current line of Ponzol mouthpieces includes the very popular stainless steel models for Soprano, Alto and Tenor, and the EBO hard rubber models for Alto and Tenor.  All Ponzol mouthpieces are designed and tested by Peter himself.  Peter has looked at sales over a 30-year period and offers only the tip openings that actually sell, resulting in much less inventory for dealers and increased sell-through.

To learn more about Ponzol Mouthpieces, please visit  Interested retailers are encouraged to contact St. Louis Music at 800-727-4512 or

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