Sound Enhancement LLC Drops Amazon

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• Created: October 11, 2017

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Sound Enhancement LLC, manufacturer of Morley and Ebtech brand products, has announced that it has terminated its relationship with Amazon.

CEO Joseph A. Turek released an official statement with regards to the termination, which MMR received this week:

“Dear Valued Customers,

Sound Enhancement LLC, producer of Morley and Ebtech pedal and audio products, has determined that business practices adopted by are compromising the competitiveness of our brands. Consequently, like others in the Music Industry, we are following suit and discontinuing sales to While we believe the Amazon Marketplace is an excellent forum for our retailers to sell our products, this will only be successful with the strict adherence to our MAP policy. Like Amazon, if our policy cannot be respected we reserve the right to discontinue sales to that violator. The value that our retail base brings to the consumer through superior customer service needs to be cherished and protected to keep our industry alive and vibrant.

Grab a Morley and Step On It

Joseph A. Turek, CEO.”

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