Blackstar LT Pedals

hoff • Accessories • August 8, 2013

Tonally derived from Blackstar's HT pedal range, these new pedals are built for tube-like responsiveness and rugged metal housing for durability.  Each pedal in the range can be powered by a 9V battery, as well as an optional mains adaptor, and can be easily incorporated into a player's existing pedal board. All pedals in the range feature high integrity buffered bypass and silent switching. In addition, the LT DIST, LT-Metal and LT Dual models offer the lowest cost option for Blackstar's patented ISF control.

The following models are included in the LT range: LT BOOST (Continuously variable boost), LT DRIVE (Overdrive pedal), LT DIST (distortion pedal with ISF control), LT METAL (Extreme gain and tone with ISF control), LT DUAL( Two Gain and Level-equipped distortion channels with clean boost to high gain drive.

Street price: $79.99 – $149.99.


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