DR Neon Multi Color Strings and Jamstar™ Mobile Tech

hoff • Accessories • October 10, 2013

DR Neon Multi Color Strings and Jamstar

In NEON™ Multi Color guitar and bass string sets, each string is a different color and UV and Black Light-active. DR NEON™ Multi Color strings are super bright coated strings that will sound clear, bright and musical.

DR Strings has also partnered with music education technology platform Jamstar™ to present a new tool in aiding teachers and beginning guitar students alike. The Jamstar™ platform utilizes a unique, patent-pending polyphonic audio recognition engine that hears what the user plays via their device’s microphone and gives real-time feedback while playing any acoustic or electric guitar. Combining the pioneering technology behind Jamstar™ with DR’s new NEON™ Multi Color guitar sets, students will color coordinate the strings on their guitar with the lesson in the app for correct finger placement, strumming timing and fretting notes.


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