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Godlyke’s Maxon Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion Pedal

Victoria Wasylak • 2021 Buyer's GuideAccessories • January 5, 2021

Godlyke’s Maxon Custom Shop SSD-9 Super Sonic Distortion pedal was developed based on suggestions from professional Guitarists as to how the stock SD-9 circuit could be improved. The Super Sonic Distortion modifications produce a rich, thick Guitar tone with tube amp-like qualities and response. This pedal offers dramatically increased output level to push signal chains harder and allow for use with a wider variety of guitar and amp combinations, as well as true bypass switching and attenuation of the 1K range that can make the stock version sound “fizzy” in higher settings. Several component tolerances changed to allow for operation at 18 VDC – a popular request from guitarists looking for improved headroom and less compression. $199

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