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KORG’s PuttRhythm

Victoria Wasylak • Accessories • August 13, 2019

The PuttRhythm is a golf practice tool with a built-in metronome that visualizes the golfer’s putt using sound and light to efficiently improve the player’s swing. The PuttRhythm was constructed to help polish a crucial aspect to a pristine swins – swing rhythm, the ability to hit the ball in a straight stroke when putting.

The design combines both a metronome and pad in a single unit with an innovative bar that calculates the accuracy of the putt. When swinging the club, the PuttRhythm can detect whether or not the putter is centered on the ball, a necessary tactic to ensure a smooth and controlled shot. The tempo setting is also easily adjustable, allowing the golfer to practice at the perfect tempo depending on their level.

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