Morley’s New Pedals

Victoria Wasylak • Accessories • January 15, 2020

Morley has unveiled four new pedals: the Wah Boost, Wah Lock, Lead Wah, and Volume Plus.

All 20/20 Wah pedals include a new buffer that protects your tone, restores, improves and delivers. All 20/20 pedals are built like a tank, last forever and now feature a lifetime warranty. They are now pedal board-friendly at just 6.85” x 4.5” x 2.75” (L x W x H). Additionally, all 20/20 Wah pedals include Switchless activation, and all 20/20 pedals will include optical circuitry and glow-in-the-dark details.

The 20/20 Wah Boost is a switchless Wah with a 20dB Boost, midrange focus, and wide frequency sweep. The base is industrial silver and has street price of $159. The Wah Lock has three Wah modes (Wah, WHOA, and Wah Lock so you can use a tone filter), a Halloween Orange base and a street Price of $169.

The Lead Wah is a switchless Wah with a wider frequency sweep, low-end boost, an internal Wah Level trimpot to customize your Wah Loudness, with a base in Shred Red and street price of $149. Finally, the Volume Plus is an optical volume with added Minimum Volume feature so you can also use it as a Rhythm/Lead Pedal. It comes with Gator Green base and a street price of $129.

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