New Bulk Packages from D’Addario

Victoria Wasylak • Accessories • August 31, 2019

D’Addario has redesigned the packaging for the Bulk Shop 25 String sets and announced a line extension for the 3D/3P Multipacks. The D’Addario Multipack (3D/3P) Line Extension now offers a number of high performing electric and acoustic SKUs as 3D multipacks. Players can now purchase their favorite SKUs as three packs with added cost savings compared to single sets.

Bulk shop packaging is ideal for workbenches or anywhere bulk packaged strings are needed. This packaging design is slimmer and the strings can be removed with ease. The Bulk Shop 25 offerings now include NYXL and Phosphor Bronze EJ26. Dealers can order Bulk Shop 25 String Sets in XL Nickel Round Wound Electric Guitar Strings, Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings and NYXL Nickel Round Wound Guitar Strings.


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