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Peterson Announces Firmware Update in StroboStomp HD tuning Pedals

Victoria Wasylak • Accessories • January 17, 2020

Peterson Strobe Tuners has announced a major firmware update (v.1.0.25) for their StroboStomp HD tuning pedal. This firmware update adds a Remote Preset Selection feature and allows users of the StroboStomp HD a quick way to access all their tuning presets without having to reach down to access the on-board buttons in order to navigate through their collection of presets. When the Remote Preset Selection feature is activated, by simply pressing and holding the stomp switch users can now pull any open string, or even “thump” their connected instrument, to advance to the next tuning preset.

This Remote Preset Selection feature will allow players more time to monitor visual cues on stage, free up time to adjust other pedals, and decrease the amount of time spent navigating presets often during very short breaks between songs. The Remote Preset Selection option is a signal-driven feature that requires an input trigger to advance through a user’s preset list. Users must be connected to the StroboStomp HD to use this feature. It does not matter where the StroboStomp HD is located in the signal chain to use this feature. Triggering the tuner by pulling a string or “thumping” your instrument will advance the preset selection by one setting. Additionally, if you have a dedicated color assigned to the preset, this will continue to serve as a preset identifier.

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