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Paiste’s Signature Series Revival

MMR Staff • Drums & Percussion • February 22, 2021

Paiste has announced a new phase of Signature Series re-launches and new models. 19“ & 20“ Power Crash are assertive instruments for bright, full accents. 20“ & 22“ Power Rides pierce the loudest guitar walls with a solid, bright ping and strong bell sound. 14“ & 15“ Power Hi-Hats complete the triumvirate of Signature Power models with their bright and cutting character. The 14“ Heavy Hi-Hat features power and brilliance as well, and features clear, full sound with a rich low-end. For the first time, Paiste presents the 22” Mellow Ride – a larger version of the popular light ride cymbal. In the new size, the sweet, mellow stick sound and the rich, soft wash obtain even more depth and volume. Signature Cymbals are made by hand from Signature Alloy using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

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