New Ukuleles from Lanikai

Victoria Wasylak • Fretted • August 31, 2019

The new Cedar Solid Top Series displays attractive organic wood ornamentation, player-friendly features, and distinctive inlaid purfling with maple binding, combined with good looks and sought-after prices. The new Solid Cedar Top series includes a concert (CDST-C), concert electric (CDST-CEC), tenor (CDST-T), and tenor electric (CDST-CET). The tone of cedar is more open and projects a more maturely-developed tone.

Expanding their popular multi-string ukulele options, Lanikai has three new 5-string tenor ukulele models in three different series. These five strings include a Mahogany 5-string tenor (MA-5T), a Flame Maple 5-string Cutaway Electric Tenor (FM-5CET) and an Acacia Solid Top Cutaway Electric Tenor (ACST-5CET, pictured).

Two electric baritones join the Lanikai line this year: Laminate Flame Maple and Solid Top Acacia. The Flame Maple Cutaway Electric Baritone (FM-CEB) features the same features as the popular Flame Maple series, such as a satin flame maple top, back, and sides, with a bloodwood rosette and binding on the fingerboard, and a cutaway body equipped with a Fishman® Kula pickup and tuner. The second electric baritone is the Acacia Solid Top series – Cutaway Electric Baritone (ACST-CEB). Lanikai is also adding a Mahogany Series Guitelele (MA-G).

The 6-string guitelele is played like a standard guitar but tuned up a fourth (A,D,G,C,E,A). It’s a great singer songwriter tool, or when used in combination with another instrument the guitelele re-voices chords in a way that blends well and adds a refreshing tonality. All Lanikai guiteleles have a truss rod for easy action adjustments.


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