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New from Yamaha

Victoria Wasylak • Keyboards • June 13, 2018

Yamaha‘s P-125 digital piano replaces the P-115, one of the top-selling digital pianos on the market today.

Using the P-125 with the Yamaha Smart Pianist app for iOS devices, users gain a touch screen graphic interface to select Voices, and to configure settings quickly and easily.

The Smart Pianist app also takes advantage of the instrument’s built-in USB audio and MIDI interface and on-board speaker system. This not only enables the user to play along with their favorite artists, but it also allows them to record audio and/or MIDI performances into a computer.

The P-125 faithfully reproduces the magnificent sound of The Yamaha CFIIIS 9-foot concert grand piano, along with the finest level of nuanced expression, thanks to 4-level Pure CF sampling and the industry leading Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard.

Other key features of the P-125 include 24 instrument Voices (pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, bass and more), 20 simple drums and bass Styles and 50 Classical Music Masterpieces.

Booth # 643

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