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Prodigy Flagship Player System from PianoDisc 

Victoria Wasylak • Keyboards • June 7, 2019

PianoDisc’s new flagship player system Prodigy offers improved performance, exceptional ease of use, and versatile connectivity opening a whole new world of even better live piano performances of high-resolution concerts in the homes of acoustic piano owners across the globe.

Prodigy combines the company’s patented iQ technology for high-resolution playback with its SilentDrive II whisper-soft technology in a single discrete interface. Internally, the Prodigy system’s new CPU delivers a more natural and expressive performance and improved playback quality, tracking a remarkable 1,024 velocity levels, and its orchestrated accompaniments are better matched to its performance. For use with external devices, a standard MIDI interface provides convenience and optimal compatibility. The addition of a standard Bluetooth feature, and additional Bluetooth receiver options bolster connectivity choices, while the PianoDisc iQ App, stores music in the cloud three separate ways.

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