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The DGX-670 Digital Piano from Yamaha

MMR Staff • Keyboards • February 22, 2021

Yamaha’s DGX-670 digital piano features a modern, attractive aesthetic and a simplified user interface. The new “Portable Grand” ensemble instrument is a full, 88-note weighted action keyboard with exceptional playability, superb sound and visual appeal, making it ideal for beginners and accomplished pianists. The DGX-670 includes the company’s Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action—the low keys have a heavier response and the high keys have a lighter response—which delivers the touch piano teachers recommend for building proper finger technique for playing acoustic pianos.

While the DGX-660 had a traditional, rectangular frame, the DGX-670 has been totally redesigned with a modern body featuring curved edges. Operation of a wide selection of functions is made quick and easy, thanks to a new, full-color LCD screen featuring a simplified user interface. The keyboard also has enlarged buttons on the front panel that feel nice to the touch without taking up too much space. Additional features of the DGX-670 include: 601 instrument Voices, including 29 Drum/SFX Kits, as well as 263 accompaniment Style presets; Bluetooth audio, which allows musicians to play their music through the new 10W x 2 speaker system; and “USB to Host” that functions as a two way 2-channel audio and 16-channel MIDI interface.

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