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Presonus’ Quantum 4848 Audio Interface

Victoria Wasylak • Pro Audio • January 24, 2019

The new Quantum 4848 24-bit, 192 kHz, Thunderbolt audio interface from PreSonus us a professional recording solution that includes the company’s Studio One Professional recording, mixing, and mastering software for macOS and Windows. The 1U rack-mount Quantum 4848 features high-quality A/D/A converters with 120 dB dynamic range on every input and output and offers 32 channels of DB25 line-level I/O for bringing vintage and boutique analog gear into your DAW and back with near-zero latency and pristine signal quality.

An additional 16 channels of ADAT Optical I/O are available to add Lightpipe-equipped digital gear, or extend your analog I/O to 48×48 by connecting two PreSonus DigiMax DP88 A/D/A converters with recallable XMAX Class A preamps and line-level inputs. BNC word clock I/O and low-jitter clocking ensure the Quantum 4848 and other digital audio devices operate in tight sync for superior imaging. The unit’s front-panel level meters can be switched between input and output monitoring. For applications requiring more than 48 channels, up to 4 Quantum 4848 interfaces can be stacked via Thunderbolt to create a 192×192 system. Alternatively, the Quantum 4848 can be stacked with any Quantum-series interface to add recallable XMAX mic preamps, SPDIF I/O, and MIDI I/O. The Quantum 4848’s second Thunderbolt port also can be used to add peripherals such as hard drives.

As with other Quantum-series interfaces, the Quantum 4848 uses proprietary Thunderbolt drivers for macOS and Windows to deliver ultra-low-latency performance while maximizing efficiency. Even at higher buffer sizes, Quantum-series interfaces deliver consistent low-latency performance. DAW monitoring allows you to manage your session and your musicians’ monitor mixes from a single window.

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