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Well Enough Alone

Christian Wissmuller • EditorialMay 2020 • April 29, 2020

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

It seems silly, pointless, even irresponsible to write this month’s editorial about anything other than COVID-19, but at the same time, what can I add to the conversation? I have absolutely no useful insight from a medical perspective, any information I could add about financial or business-related assistance has already been better researched and presented by others (on that subject, see pages 16-19 to review NAMM’s Resource Guide), and there’s enough agenda-driven misinformation floating around out there which I don’t want to inadvertently add to.

Amidst all my solo isolation binge-watching, binge-reading, nearly-nonstop-album-playing, guitar practicing, social distancing, and bizarre sleeping/eating patterns these past many weeks, it has been encouraging and inspiring for me to see how many in MI have been reacting compassionately and creatively to this pandemic, in ways both big and small. Retail is taking a hit and this industry is no exception, but stores are doing all they can to retain and pay employees, continue lesson programs online, and prepare for the coming months (see this issue’s Dealer Survey on page 20). Suppliers are retooling their plants to

manufacture masks and respirators, offering free or discounted apps and lessons, and presenting streaming performances from their endorsing artists for free. While times of crisis certainly can, at moments, bring out the worst in people, it’s unquestionable that these times also bring out our finer qualities. MI has been stepping up and leading by example when it comes to being resourceful, aware, and just plain decent.

As I write this, the area where I live (Boston) is “peaking” and we now trail only New York and New Jersey in terms of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. Odds are, by the time you receive this issue in the mail or read it online, somewhere else will be the new “hot spot.” There are areas of the country that have yet to be seriously impacted by this situation and – again evidenced by the results of this month’s survey – there are some who don’t really see COVID-19 as all that big of a big deal.

If you don’t know anyone who’s taken seriously ill and if you, yourself, are doing fine, that’s wonderful and I hope none of that changes. Many of us do know folks who have been infected and are either currently hospitalized or only recently recovered. I hope that does change – for the better, and soon.

Hang in there, be friendly to one another, stay safe, and try to remain as upbeat as possible. Oh – and if you want to trade suggestions about what shows and movies to watch, books to read, and records to spin, hit me up at the email below.

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