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Who’s Deserving in 2020?

Christian Wissmuller • August 2020Editorial • July 28, 2020

For many of us, each and every day for the past many months is altogether too similar to the days that preceded it – a gloomy, goth re-boot of “Groundhog Day,” without the laughs, eventual uplifting moral epiphany, and “happily ever after” conclusion. However, as much as change would be welcome in most respects, when certain traditions that harken back to “the good old days” endure, it can be reassuring.

Along those lines, we will once again be presenting the MMR Dealers’ Choice Awards (DCAs) to those suppliers that our readers deem to be the best of the best in 2020. The NAMM Show has been green-lit for 2021 and, as much as I can’t currently imagine boarding a plane for a five-plus hour flight to California, a lot can change in six months (indeed, as we learned earlier this year, a lot can change in as little as six days) and, with a little luck, I’ll be handing out trophies to the DCA winners in Anaheim, come January.

While only MMR subscribers are eligible to vote on the final ballot, the nomination process – in progress now – for the 28th Annual Dealers’ Choice Awards are open to everyone ( and the time is now to let your voice be heard. I hope you participate!

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