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New Ukuleles from Amahi

Victoria Wasylak • FrettedFretted • January 15, 2020

Amahi is bringing more color to an affordable EQ line with the UK-205. Constructed of mahogany, each ukulele is shop adjusted and includes Aquila strings, chrome guitar tuners and a 10 mm padded bag. With a satin finish and attractive rosette and binding, this new model is available in concert size with a choice of 6 colors-dark blue, light blue, green, red, yellow, and natural finish. Street price: $139

Amahi’s newest line of colorful ukuleles includes the UK-110 Sopranino. Made from mahogany, these tiny ukes offer intermediate quality at an entry level price. Comes standard with Aquila strings, chrome guitar style tuners and a padded gig bag. Available in 6 distinct colors-green, red, purple, gold, blue and natural mahogany. Street price: $69

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