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Open-and-Shut Case (or Bag): Cases & Bags for Percussion Instruments

Christian Wissmuller • December 2020Survey • December 2, 2020

Have you been noticing any significant trends when it comes to cases & bags for drums and percussion instruments?


“It is difficult to spot trends when doing less than half the normal business due to the pandemic!”

Jeff Young

Marshall Music Company

Lansing, Michigan


“Bags that are any color other than black seem to be a breath of fresh air for our customers and they tend to do well.”

Shane Kinney

Drum Center of Portsmouth

Portsmouth, New Hampshire


“People are making their old stuff make do.”

Karen Copeland

SM Hanson Music, Inc.

Salina, Kansas


“Without traveling gigs, drummers don’t need them at this time.”

Gus Guastamachio

Dynamic Percussion

East Hartford, Connecticut


“Decline in customer service from the suppliers/manufacturers.”

Derek Sharp

Supersonic Music

Topeka, Kansas

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