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Taking Control: Sales of MIDI Controllers and Interfaces

Christian Wissmuller • April 2021Survey • March 31, 2021

Abstract shot of a DJ using a digital controller

It’ll probably come as a surprise to nobody that the majority (93.3 percent) of those who participated in this month’s MMR dealer survey reported that recent sales of MIDI controllers and interfaces are either up or level when compared to this same time last year. With home recording, remote performance and learning, and livestreaming on the rise during the pandemic, it’s only natural that gear which takes advantage this venerable communications protocol (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) would be hot commodities.

Though MIDI controllers are most usually used to trigger sounds and pitches and play instruments, they may also be used to operate any number of other MIDI-compatible pieces of equipment: lighting, complex effects, and mixers, among others – meaning that with increased “at-home” creation there are more opportunities for users to take advantage of the versatility afforded by MIDI.

Have you been noticing any significant trends when it comes to MIDI Controllers and Interfaces?

“’Trigger finger” [is] more popular than keyboards.” -Clifford Gordon, Gordon’s Music and Sound, Inc., Fairfield, California

“MIDI wireless has been a nice addition.” -Jay Fox, Jay Fox Band, LLC, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“There’s less interest.” -Thomas Catalano, Catalano Musical Products, New Hyde Park, New York

“Weighted action, zones, layering, and aftertouch have all become more important in the last year or so.” -Chris Crump, Vesely Music, Parowan, Utah

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