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AirTurn goSTAND, MANOS, Telescoping Mic Boom, and Side Mount Clamp

Christian Wissmuller • June 2019Top Gear • June 5, 2019

What we have here is four separate units/purchases – the goSTAND for mics & tablets, the goSTAND telescoping mic boom, the MANOS universal tablet holder, and the Side Mount Clamp – but I’ll be presenting an evaluation of how all components work with one another, for the most part, rather than individually.

The main component is the goSTAND, itself – a tripod stand that can extend to a full height of 58”, but which can also fold down to less than 18” with a total weight of less than 3lbs (2.6lbs). Anyone familiar with standard tripod stands will be instantly comfortable with the footprint and basic functionality of the goSTAND, but will soon come to appreciate the features that set it apart from the pack. In addition to enhanced portability via its extremely small folded-up profile, this stand also allows you to extend the three feet, allowing for additional stability when in use or to accommodate for cramped performance spaces and uneven floors. As with any adjustable-base stand, if you fully expand all three feet, you’ll negatively impact stability, but that’s just the way physics works – certainly not AirTurn’s failing.

With the matching telescopic boom, you have a stand that extends as much as nearly any out there. The MANOS holder does exactly what it purports to – namely, it securely holds any mainstream tablet or smartphone. I used this entire rig with my iPad, my Kindle Fire, and my iPhone and the entire process was intuitive and simple.

With minimal hassle, it’s easy to adjust in order to achieve your preferred angle, height, or position. Via the Side Mount Clamp you can place either the MANOS or other mic-threaded devices or mics to the side and beneath the main stand or boom (for, say, reading music or notes off of a tablet while singing or speaking into a microphone mounted on top of the goSTAND).

The overall impression is one of quality. These products are solid, well-made, versatile, and well-engineered. Whatever team designed this stand and its accessories understands and anticipates the needs and uses of actual working musicians.

There are plenty of stands out there – and plenty of good ones, too – but the folks at AirTurn have really produced something special with the goSTAND, MANOS, and other compatible add-ons.

All in all, a sturdy, lightweight, and flexible suite of products that can address any number of performance or recording needs – and it all easily fits in your backpack or gig-bag. The prices are beyond competitive, as well. All four items sell for roughly $135 as a group and the goSTAND and MANOS retail for only around $50, each. If you’re not currently stocking AirTurn products in your MI store, you may want to look into beginning a relationship with this supplier.

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