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EHX Hot Lynx

Christian Wissmuller • April 2020Top Gear • March 30, 2020

As someone who long ago abandoned wired headphones for Bluetooth or otherwise wireless models, I wasn’t initially all that excited about the EHX Hot Lynx. Cue to few weeks later, and I’ve gained a far greater appreciation.

These stereo wired earbuds boast a wide 20Hz-20kHz frequency response range courtesy of 10mm dynamic drivers, which means they sound pretty damn great – better than the Bluetooth enabled earbuds I’ve been using at the gym. Additionally, for all of my “Ugh, wired? Seriously?!?” kneejerk reaction, the Hot Lynx’s tangle-free cable hasn’t yet caused me any annoyance while lifting, running, panting, sweating, et cetera. The three-button remote (volume control, play/pause functionality) is also much more reliable than the controls on my normal gym earbuds, which all too often stop music or podcasts when I’m simply trying to push them into my ears more securely. Additionally, a built-in mic allows for hands-free calling and listening, which is a nice feature.

At $19.99 you may not be getting bells and whistles like wireless functionality or noise cancellation, but the EHX Hot Lynx is a bargain for the sound quality and ease of use. Handsome, well-performing earbuds at a great price: it’s a no-brainer.

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