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No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

Damien Pianka • April 2020Top Gear • March 30, 2020

This is one of those products that’s equivalent to an onomatopoeia – it does exactly what the name suggests. These cymbal sleeves eliminate the need for traditional nuts in order to secure and control cymbals to stands.

The two three-packs that I received were sufficient to use with all of my cymbals – rides, crashes, chinas – and the material stretches, maintaining a compression fit on my 8mm posts. By simply placing on the top of a stand’s threaded bolt and then pressing/twisting (this took a little effort, but nothing excessively difficult) the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve down until it reaches the base of the main rod, you wind up with a “set and leave” solution that eliminates the need for wingnuts entirely.

The company’s website indicates that you can leave No Nuts in place “for the life of the product.” While I’ve only been using them for a few weeks, they seem plenty durable. The packaging indicates that the use of felts with these sleeves is optional. I’ve chosen to keep using felt washers on my ride cymbal, but that could just be force of habit. Overall, my cymbals are staying in place, movement isn’t hampered, and sound isn’t dampened.

If you have lots of extra cymbals and are constantly swapping in and out different sizes and types, or if you find that your own sleeves or wingnuts (or those on a house kit) always go missing, this is a great innovation. At around $16 for a set of three, they’re absolutely worth it – and worth stocking if you’re an MI store owner.

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