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Making All Three Brands Better: D’Angelico’s Brenden Cohen

Christian Wissmuller • October 2020Upfront Q&A • September 28, 2020

Back in June, D’Angelico Guitars announced the acquisition of Supro USA and Pigtronix. We recently sat down with CEO Brenden Cohen to discuss the move, the harmony between the three brands, and how the development presents enhanced opportunities for dealers.

What was the catalyst behind the recent acquisition of Supro and Pigtronix? How did the move come about?

We have always had a huge amount of respect for both Supro and Pigtronix – their products are outstanding. D’Angelico had been working with Supro in our marketing efforts as a guitar/amp pairing for years, and we always felt like there was something natural yet unique about the vibe we created together. And Pigtronix’s pedals are extraordinary, with so much room to grow, as well. When the opportunity arose to acquire the brands, we didn’t think twice. We knew that all three brands would be even better if we started working together.

Can you talk about how regional proximity plays into the evolution of this partnership?

The fact that all three brands are located in New York only amplifies the harmony we already share. It allows us to have a larger company footprint, share our resources without many operational challenges, and share a sense of roots and sensibility.

What does this new acquisition represent in terms of new opportunities for MI dealers?

Simply put, our dealers are going to have easier access to even more high-quality products. The best part of this new era is that there is effortless harmony amongst the brands, but they each stand strong independently as well. We will be providing more resources, better marketing support, and also making sure our dealers have access to the absolute best value opportunities possible.

Dave Koltai will be remaining on staff. How many others from the previous Supro and Pigtronix team will also remain?

Yes, Dave Koltai will be serving as our chief technology officer, handling research and development of the most technical aspects of our product development, especially as it pertains to amplifiers and pedals. Several people on the technical, engineering, sales, and customer service side will also remain.

How will the overall restructuring impact product development or distribution models in the coming months across all three brands?

Product development will be uninterrupted, as all products for the next six to 12 months were already developed and slated. Going forward from that point, there will be more opportunity than ever before for new projects from all three brands, including cross-brand collaborations. We are reviewing each territory and will be making decisions based on what is best for our dealers and our customers.

To what degree was enacting such a significant acquisition made more challenging during a pandemic?

This acquisition was in process well before COVID-19, so when that happened, everything became significantly more difficult. You name it, COVID-19 affected it. It was a great lesson in patience, and a reminder that you only pursue something like this when you really believe in it, and that’s exactly what we did.

Expectations for the company in the coming months?

We are currently working on growing certain teams, adopting new systems, and organizing plans for some changes in time for 2021. We truly believe in these brands and our ability to help each reach their full potential. We absolutely cannot wait for our customers and dealers to see what we have in store for them.

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