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POW Audio Promotes Stein to CEO

Christian Wissmuller • People • January 9, 2020

POW Audio, CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree and new audio brand that is redefining speaker design to deliver unparalleled sound quality and ultra-portability through its patented WaveBloom™ technology, has announced that Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Gregg Stein will become Chief Executive Officer (CEO), while Founder, Chairman and CEO Glen Walter will become Executive Chairman and Chief Vision Officer (CVO). Stein and Walter will join forces developing corporate strategy, vision and mission in their new positions.

As CEO, Stein will be responsible for the daily strategic leadership of POW Audio. Walter, who founded POW Audio with his son, Cam, will remain fully engaged as Executive Chairman and CVO, managing overall corporate governance, new growth initiatives, product, design, marketing strategy and investor relations, as well as the vision required to steer its course into the future.

“We’ve created an aggressive growth plan for POW Audio that will allow us to individually focus on distinctive areas of the company in order to realize our commercial vision,” Stein said. “Glen and I have formed an immutable bond collaborating on POW Audio’s corporate growth strategy and execution. Together, with the broader POW Audio management team, we will expand, amplify, impact and inspire while bringing game-changing audio experiences to millions around the globe.”

Said Walter: “It’s time for POW to scale and Gregg will ‘turn it up to 11’. This strategic move will enable our personal strengths to amplify, expanding our effectiveness. I am confident that our management plan and Gregg’s immediate impact on our commercial vision will ensure the success of POW Audio for years to come.”

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