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Arndt Adds Glitter to Berlin’s Botanische Nacht with CHAUVET Professional

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • July 31, 2019

On Friday July 19, The Great Tropical House in Berlin served as the center of the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden’s Botanische Nacht, an annual one-day summer festival organized by TLT Event AG. Outlining the building’s architectural features and adding to its appearance were 110 CHAUVET Professional ÉPIX Strip IP fixtures that Denny Arndt featured in his lighting design.

Coordinating the ÉPIX fixtures with five lasers, Arndt created sleek and compelling looks on the Great Tropical House that set it apart even from the already colorfully lit festival grounds.

“I used geometric lines and glittery images on the ÉPIX said Arndt. “The brightness and intensity of the ÉPIX Strip IP are wonderful. They give me a structure of light that stands out even against the laser light to create a brilliant display. My concept was to give the building a magical, surreal appearance in keeping with the spirit of Botanische Nacht.”

Even the rain that fell on this warm July night couldn’t dampen that special spirit. The IP65 rating of the ÉPIX fixtures helped to ensure that they would continue to dazzle regardless of the weather. “The IP rating makes these fixtures very reliable for outdoor events like this,” said Arndt who used 60 ÉPIX units from his own private stock of fixtures, and had the others supplied by Eventtechnik Südwestfalen.

In an event that glitters with excitement, the reliable EPIX Strip IP fixtures helped the Great Tropical House shine like a crown jewel. “All eyes are on the building during Botanische Nacht, so we want to make it special,” said Arndt.

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