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Audient Sponsors New British Recording Podcast

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • March 30, 2020

Audient will support producer and mixer Kevin Paul’s new podcast MixBus, a series of in-depth conversations with recording industry luminaries, including award-winning producers Alan Moulder, Catherine Marks and Gareth Jones. With a view to finding out more about their careers and how they approach their work, Paul captures the interviews using a simple, portable setup – an Audient iD44 audio interface, a few Audio Technica mics and a laptop.

He explains the impetus to get on the other side of the mic. “It came out of listening to lots of audio production-based podcasts and realizing there’s little from the UK. I thought: ‘I know a few people,’ so I called them up and amazingly they all said yes! At that point I thought: ‘Oh, I’d better get on and do this.’”

Paul likes to make it easy for his guests, taking his setup to their studio – or at least somewhere they know. “I want them to be comfortable and get them to share their approach as much as possible,” he explains.

Co-sponsors of the podcast are mic manufacturer Audio Technica, audio file-sharing facilitator Filepass and Kevin’s favorite pro audio retailer and Audient supplier, KMR Audio. “I’ve bought all my studio equipment from them for years. They have a great crew there and really help the customer with an informed choice. In my opinion they’re the best independent pro audio retailer in Europe. I wanted to keep it as British as possible, so I contacted people who’s equipment I respected and have used continuously over the years.”

His industry knowledge and down-to-earth conversation style mean that Paul has been successful in ensuring the British theme comes through in the podcast: “Audient to me, represents what the UK is about. Forward-thinking products and a real understanding about what people use their equipment for.”

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