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Austrian Audio Spreads Positivity with ‘We Are’ Song and Video

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • June 25, 2020

Austrian Audio has shared a new song and video called “We Are” to spread positivity in 2020. The song’s lyrics speak of unity, peace, love and togetherness – a message Austrian Audio is keen to get behind at a time when all live music events have come to a halt, and while frontline workers work tirelessly to battle the pandemic.

“The lock-down hit all of us in the music industry,” said Austrian Audio CEO, Martin Seidl. “After the initial shock, we sat down with the Austrian Audio family, our friends and great brand ambassadors. The idea was born to not only do what we are best at: be creative, but to also let good vibes outshine the daily bad news. We want to encourage positivity and hope at this distressing time and look forward to the day that the music scene is back on its feet.”

Taking the vocal lead on the uplifting track is singer and bassist, Divinity Roxx. “We Are” also features the talents of a number of members of the Austrian Audio family.

Seidl adds: “Divinity Roxx immediately supported the idea and contributed her song, ‘We Are’ to kickstart this important project. The lyrics perfectly paint a picture of better days and the idea of coming together: ‘We are what we’ve been waiting for / Put your hands in the sky and reach out for the stars’. And so we did, all together, with a group of world class musicians and with help from the Austrian Audio team. We – all being part of this great music industry – do have the most powerful tools on hand regarding triggering emotions. That is our passion, our instruments and our music. So here we are: separated by distances and restrictions, we are still playing together, for the music to come.”

View the video here.

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