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BandLab Reaches 18 Million Users

Victoria Wasylak • Supplier Scene • May 20, 2020

BandLab has announced a 50 percent increase in registered users in the first five months of 2020, totaling 18 million users in 180 countries worldwide. In 2020, BandLab’s growth continues to accelerate with more than a million new users joining monthly and almost 10 million tracks being made on BandLab every month.

With its completely free and user-friendly Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), this music production platform integrates music-making, online mastering and collaboration tools. Guided by a community-led ethos, BandLab enables creators to make music and share their creative process with other musicians and fans instantly. Its unlimited cloud storage, as well as its availability on iOS, Android and web browsers, makes it the most accessible music composition and collaboration tool on the market.

BandLab encourages music makers to collaborate worldwide with built-in forums, chat, a collaborator search function and real-time collaborative DAW sessions. It also encourages users to make their songs “forkable”, which allows other creators to add their own personal flair by recording new parts or even completely remixing the forkable track.

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