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Big Bang Distribution Acquires Danmar Percussion

Victoria Wasylak • Supplier Scene • January 15, 2021

Big Bang Distribution has acquired Danmar Percussion. For over 25 years, Big Bang Distribution has fostered a strong working relationship with Danmar Percussion founder Frank DeVito and Danmar Percussion as their primary distributor. The Big Bang Team has always been a huge fan of Danmar’s giving spirit and innovative products, and taking over the production of this brand feels like a natural progression of events for them.

“We are now working feverishly to crank out the first New Danmar products in many years like The Wicked Stick Holder and The Cherry Stain Bass Drum Beaters,” the announcement shares. “Danmar dealers and fans will be seeing new designs, new packaging, and a steady flow of more new products coming out of the new home of Danmar Percussion in the coming weeks and months, but can also rest assured that all of the original Danmar Percussion products that you have relied on and loved since 1970 will be around for many years to come!”

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