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Celestion Introduces the HornWizard App

Victoria Wasylak • Supplier Scene • November 18, 2020

Celestion has announced the premiere of HornWizard, a new desktop and mobile application which is a portal to the company’s powerful horn design software.

HornWizard has been developed to introduce systems engineers to Celesiton’s horn design capabilities. The app enables the user to test a basic concept design, using just a few parameters, to determine whether a particular horn specification could work in practice. In the app, users can reliably verify designs, quickly adjust them with different parameters and then view the results in a matter of seconds.

HornWizard has been created as a WPA (Web Progressive App), usable on both desktop and mobile devices to access Celestion’s full design software using a simplified parameter set. The app doesn’t contain any horn design software itself: it simply acts as a portal. The user can input parameters that are processed by the in-house software with results returned to the app interface.

HornWizard is not a complete horn simulator, but uses a simplified method to produce a close estimate of directivity and frequency response. First and foremost, it’s a “reality check” to see if particular specifications can be achieved within specified constraints. It also enables the user to see how different drivers work on the horn, aiding in the driver selection process.

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