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Chauvet DJ’s ‘The World’s EZ-est DJ Contest’

Paige Tutt • Supplier Scene • December 18, 2014

Chauvet DJ presents The World's EZ-est DJ Contest! 

There are only three simple steps: Select the EZ series product you'd like the win. Complete and submit the entry form on Chauvet DJ's Facebook page. If you're one of the six randomly selected winner, that's it – the product you selected is yours.

Enter today, because the contest ends on January 16th, 2015.

You can choose one of the following eight products:

The EZpin IRC, the EZGobo, the EZrail RGBA, the EZpar 56, the EZpar 64 RGBA, the EZWedge Tri, the EZMin Laser FX, or the EZMin Laser RBX

Click the following link the enter:

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