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Ciari Guitars Launches Wefunder Campaign

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • April 5, 2021

Ciari Guitars, inventor of the Ascender– the world’s first premium electric travel guitar – announces today that investors looking to get in on the ground floor of the revolutionary and patented music-technology company are able to invest via Ciari Guitars’ Wefunder campaign site between now and April 30, 2021.

Unlike most industries, the musical instrument industry has seen a historic surge during the pandemic, due to consumers spending money on musical instruments rather than vacations, family travel and other activities with potential health risks. Now that the vaccine is being distributed throughout the world, experts are predicting a boom in both spending and travel.

In the face of that, Ciari Guitars is primed to take full advantage of this unique opportunity by defining a new standard in travel guitars with the Ascender (currently available) and a host of follow-on innovations including a mid-tier electric guitar, a carbon fiber acoustic guitar and a short-scale electric bass guitar.

The Ascender was designed and built with a “quality first, convenience second” mentality. A concealed lever “detensions” the strings and unlocks a hinge at the neck, which allows the guitar to bend completely backwards as the strings follow the fold under light tension. It can fit in a backpack and takes up less space than any guitar, travel or otherwise, on the market.

To play again, it’s as simple as straightening the neck and returning the lever to its concealed, locked position. The strings are automatically retightened and only require a mere “top off tune” before play. The Ascender is a full-size, 24 ¾”-scale, gig-ready electric guitar with a traditional look, single cut-away design and high-quality finish. It features a soft “C”-style neck profile, Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners, and Seymour Duncan ’59 Model humbucking pickups.

“We’re extremely excited to invite the public to invest in Ciari Guitars and take part in this rare opportunity,” said Ciari Guitars CEO, Jonathan Spangler. “Due to the nature and stage of the company, as well as the macro trends of vaccinations rising and travel opening up, now is the perfect time for investors to get on board!”

Lead investor and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Hany Nada adds, “I think post-pandemic, it’s going to be the Roaring ’20s again. I think you’re going to see an explosion of travel and entertainment. That’s where I’m investing most of my capital and I think (Ciari Guitars is at) a great juncture.”

To learn more about investing in Ciari Guitars, click here. For more information regarding Ciari Guitars and the Ascender, go to

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