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Kid Kapichi Excel Through Printworks’ Blackline XP12

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • July 22, 2020

Pre-lockdown, Hastings-based band Kid Kapichi played a show at local venue The Printworks through a Martin Audio BlacklineX Powered XP12 / XP118 PA rig, supplied by partners Old Barn Audio (OBA).

Alfie Rolph—an employee of OBA, and one of the Printworks’ sound techs—reviewed the existing sound system and decided it was time for an upgrade.

“Although it was a tried and trusted system, I knew that for Kid Kapichi’s last gig here, these local legends needed a truly special send off.”

He turned to Old Barn Audio for their recommendations: “I had heard great things about Martin Audio products and especially the BlacklineX Powered range so I was intrigued to hear them in action. Speaking with Chris from Old Barn, we agreed on four XP12s and a pair of XP118s. On arrival I was surprised by how light the speakers were; speakers with built-in DSP are usually a two-man job to carry but these were easy to handle by myself. We got the speakers configured incredibly quickly, and I was surprised by how easy the BlacklineX Powered system was to set up.”

As soon as the band started playing, he knew the decision had been fully vindicated. “I have never had so much control over the sound before,” he enthused. “Every detail could be heard and it was as loud as I wanted it to be. Usually I would have to substitute bass for vocal clarity or have to constantly tell the guitarists to turn down because the speakers couldn’t match the level … but not anymore.

Summing up, he describes the BlacklineX Powered series as a “game changer,” particularly the XP118s. “They were the speakers that really stood out for me. The response from these was absolutely incredible.”

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