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Martin Audio Celebrates 50th Anniversary With New Book

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • January 6, 2021

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Martin Audio is intent on turning 2021 into a year-long celebration of its 50th anniversary. The company was founded by Australian Dave Martin in London’s Covent Garden in 1971.

Dom Harter, managing director, remarked, “While we are forever mindful that COVID restrictions are still firmly in place, this is a landmark that should be celebrated in style.”

To commemorate the occasion, Martin Audio has produced a new coffee table book, detailing its history. This is available now online and in print from February onwards.

Harter added, “There have been so many manufacturing milestones at Martin Audio and we want to keep that momentum going. We fervently hope that it won’t be long before we are able to celebrate all of these, face to face with our many partners, customers and friends around the globe.”

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