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MDM Productions Celebrates Dana Winner’s 30th Anniversary with CHAUVET Professional

Victoria Wasylak • Supplier Scene • February 5, 2020

Belgian singer Dana Winner recently performed on a televised 30th anniversary show at the Lotto Arena, which drew 5,200 enthusiastic fans. Reflecting the upbeat mood of the crowd and providing an appropriately lively background was a bright, fast and dynamic lightshow designed by Maarten De Man of MDM Productions. Anchoring De Man’s versatile rig were 12 Maverick MK3 Profile CX and 26 STRIKE P38 fixtures from CHAUVET Professional, supplied by Splendit.

Key to achieving this were the powerful 41,000 lumens Maverick MK3 Profile CX fixtures, which were positioned from above stage trussing directly above the protruding triangular stage. Thanks to the high CRI (92) of the fixtures, De Man and his team could exploit the full saturated color palette of the fixtures, safe in the knowledge that the performance was being authentically reproduced for the TV cameras present.

“With the incorporation of the Mavericks into our lighting concept, we were able to strike a perfect balance between powerful output, classic neutral spotlighting, and colored accentuations to add detail and energy to Dana Winner’s songs as and when required,” commented De Man. “It was also a conscious decision to incorporate the fixtures for this particular concert, as we knew from experience just how well they translate subtle and intimate lighting details to the television screen.”

While the Mavericks succeeded in placing emphasis upon Dana Winner herself, the huge dimensions of the backdrop to the magnificent Sportpalais stage called for an emphatic visual element. To create this powerful background, De Man relied on 26 STRIKE P38 fixtures. Positioning these high output fixtures in an asymmetrical lattice arrangement at the back of the stage, he had them serve as both and audience blinder and eye candy element.

“Despite the P38’s small footprint, we were able to use them to huge effect within our lighting concept,” said De Man. “In addition to creating a twinkling star constellation effect during slower numbers, these fixtures allowed us to create memorable power effects for upbeat numbers because of their sheer output.”

Photo Credit: Picturesk and Set Vexy

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