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Mojave Audio’s MA-200 Microphones Prove Indispensable in the Production of ‘Pop & Tacos’

Victoria Wasylak • Supplier Scene • March 23, 2020

Collectively, Jorgen Carlsson and Mini Diaz are known as the artist Little Days. In the spring of 2019, they released Pop & Tacos, their third record. Carlsson, a bassist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, discussed the project and the use of his two Mojave Audio microphones.

Pop & Tacos can best be described as a retro pop album,” explained Carlsson.“Musically, there are progressive tendencies reminiscent of the English rock band 10CC, along with ABBA, and Pink Floyd. For this project, we used two Mojave MA-200 mics in several different ways. Most notably, we used them as the primary overhead drum mic as part of a Glyn Johns 3-mic setup, which includes 2 mics, one above the snare and rack tom, 2nd one to the side of the floor tom as well as a kick mic, (you can add a few mics for room and snare colors). With that style of drum overheads setup, you need a mic with full range response. In this regard, the MA-200s sound very good.”

“In addition to capturing drums and percussion,” Carlsson continued, “I’ve also used my MA-200s for backing vocals, saxophone, and acoustic guitar. When coupled with the Quad Eight mp227 mic preamp, they respond incredibly well and make for a really versatile setup.”

For many studio engineers, questions about optimum mic placement and other considerations routinely arise. While there is certainly no substitute for experimentation, the ability to contact the equipment manufacturer and ask questions is invaluable. In this sense, Carlsson rates Mojave Audio’s customer and technical support services best in class. “I’d give Mojave’s support services an A++++ rating,” says Carlsson. “The company is very responsive to its customers and the staff are all musicians who use this type of gear themselves, so they understand what we’re trying to accomplish. Dusty Wakeman has been tremendously supportive.”

Carlsson reports that he’s been working with his Mojave MA-200 microphones for the better part of 10 years and, in that timeframe, they have proved to be an essential part of his studio work style. He summed up his experience with the microphones by noting, “In the past, I would always reach for a pair of Neumann U 67s. These days, I automatically choose the MA-200s because they are truly great sounding mics.”

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