Nambacker Nation Launches Autograph Sweepstakes Promotion

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • July 11, 2014

Nambacker B2B Networking Group has launched a unique Nambacker Nation  “Autograph Sweepstakes” consumer promotion offering instruments and swag featuring signatures from a diverse collection of artist endorsers provided by all participating Nambacker B2B members.  http://nambackerb2b.com/sweepstakes/2014-autograph-sweepstakes/

Every participating company is distributing the same graphics provided by Nambacker B2B through their individual consumer mailing list and social media channels in an orchestrated plan of attack. This cooperative artist autograph approach marks the first of its kind by an industry-wide MI networking group and is designed to increase 3rd quarter sales and help Nambacker B2B members gain more market exposure as a group than they could achieve by going it alone.

“Guns N Roses, Darius Songbird, Melissa Etheridge, Carmen Rizzo and Asleep at the Wheel are just some of the participating entries,” said Woody Moran, Nambacker B2B CEO. The diversity and notoriety levels are across the board which promises to appeal to every sort of end user including classic rock, folk, DJ and country, all in one promotion.”

According to Moran, consumers will participate by clicking on a link that takes them to a central Nambacker Nation landing page where they sign up to win, providing the added benefit of a monster email list that will be shared by all participating Nambacker B2B members. “The resulting email list will consist of the highest-quality contacts available that every participating Nambacker B2B Member will have access to as we move forward.” said Woody. “This is another benefit to being a Nambacker B2B member that no reasonable amount of money or effort on an individual company basis would ever be able to buy, and it’s just in time for the Back to School Season.”

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