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NS Design Announces CONNECT2021 – A Virtual Gathering

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • January 2, 2021

NS Design and Ned Steinberger invite music retailers, distributors, musicians and music educators of every stripe to a special event, CONNECT2021, an online series of informative and entertaining events, January 12, 13, and 14, including special performances, demonstrations, and roundtables.

The company is excited about the many featured NS Artists and dedicated music educators who will be taking part, especially because, like many of us, they are navigating this unique and challenging moment of our times through music and devotion to their craft. Over the course of the event, we cover each NS instrument, Violin, Cello, Omni Bass, Upright Bass and Bass Guitar, we’ll focus on Education, and we’ll have plenty of Tech Talk along the way.

Details, including links, times and updates will be available on the webpage, where you can browse the schedule of:

** NS Artist Performances and Video Premiers **

** Informative Instrument Demonstrations **

** “Coffee with Ned” Virtual Roundtables **

On each day there are opportunities for interaction, questions and input, especially at the “Coffee with Ned” sessions, where you can take full advantage of those who know NS Design instruments inside-and-out, with practical experience to share with everyone who attends.

NS Design extends very special thanks to the featured players and educators taking part in CONNECT2021, including Anna Blanton, Bakithi Kumalo, Brittany Frompovich, Calum Ingram, Chance Onody, Chris Wyse, Danica Pinner, Derek Menchan, Donald Waugh, Dr. Gregory Walker, Eliza James, Greg Byers, Guy Michel, Jana Chao, Jason Yang, Jonas Peterson, Julie Lyon Lieberman, Ken Ford, Lucas Steinberger, Luis Montilla, Marcos Varela, Michael Micucci , Nick Cañas, Nick Villalobos, Noor Che’ree, Pepe Hernandez, Rebecca Schlappisch-Charles, Reed Jones, Rudof Haken, Scott Laird, Zach Rudulph, Zack Clark, and more.

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