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Panoramic Bastione at Lake Garda Brought to Life With Blackline X8

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • October 14, 2020

Situated at the foot of Mount Rocchetta near Italy’s Lake Garda, the Bastione is a fortress built in the early XVI century. A new panoramic glass lift that starts from the center of Riva del Garda travels 200 meters to the foot of the bastion, where a brand new restaurant has opened its doors.

To create the perfect atmosphere for this location, manager Alfonso D’Ambrosio requested a top quality sound and lighting package. System integrators Iiriti Srl designed this around six Martin Audio Blackline X8 speakers and a pair of Blackline X115 subwoofers, which deliver potent and high definition audio throughout the main room and across the terrace.

Giacomo Galassi, responsible for the installation, stated that in Blackline they have a highly successful and popular installation option (alongside Martin Audio’s Adorn A55). “We offer the customer three product lines and Martin Audio is always recommended as top of the range,” he says. “We have Blackline models on display in a demo room where we invite customers to hear the comparison for themselves. X8 is currently the speaker that best covers the needs of a venue such as this, both at high and low volumes, and even without a sub. It is also discreet, which really suits the interior décor and furnishings.”

In addition, he says, the brand is also chosen for its reputation. “Several clubs [where it is fitted] have had important guests and we know that we are giving them a safe option with Blackline. While in all the venues it is the background music that is most important, whenever there’s a concert or an event that needs a boost, we know we can depend on Martin Audio.”

At the Bastione, Galassi was supported throughout the system programming by Audiosales’ product specialist, Senio Corbini. The equipment specified has been integrated into the existing network, ensuring connectivity for bands, DJs, or mics (for business meetings) through any of the several RJ45 ports in the room and on the terrace, without the need to add further cables. Amps and processing are also connected to each other through the Dante network.

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