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Rhythm Tech Launches New Website

Victoria Wasylak • Supplier Scene • October 3, 2019

Rhythm Tech has launched a new website, featuring a streamlined interface that’s fully optimized to ensure a seamless customer experience. You can check out the new site here.

“The new Rhythm Tech website represents a colossal upgrade from the original site’s framework,” Rhythm Tech vice president and general manager Gil Soucy said. “It features a strong new home page that highlights multiple featured products simultaneously, updated categories to better organize our extensive product library, and vital mobile device optimization.”

According to Soucy, over time product screens will receive a glossy update, highlighting key features: “This new site allows us to hammer home what is most important and unique about each Rhythm Tech product in a way that really catches the buyer’s eye.”

The new site also eliminates clutter through displaying products by model instead of color, resulting in a more consumer and dealer-friendly experience than ever before.

“With every addition and enhancement,” Soucy emphasized, “the new Rhythm Tech website lives up to the standard of quality and excellence that consumers have come to expect from Rhythm Tech instruments and accessories. With the launch of the new site, Rhythm Tech is better equipped for a new generation of players to find the product that best suits their heart’s desire.”

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