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Rickenbacker Bob Hawkins Benefit Auction

Christian Wissmuller • Supplier Scene • July 21, 2014

Rickenbacker International Corp. proudly presents for auction a Model 360 Jetglo electric guitar signed by the original members of the band R.E.M. to benefit musician and uninsured heart attack victim Bob Hawkins, who will receive 100% of the proceeds of this auction.

The auction began on July 17 and will take place online through eBay, through July 27. 

“It’s tragic to see something like this happen to a good person and hard working musician,” said Rickenbacker CEO John Hall, who plays music with Hawkins in the band Hautewerk. “He’s a good friend as well as someone who has been incredibly supportive of others in need.”

Hawkins, who has been unable to work for a couple of months, appears to be well on the way to physical recovery. It is the financial burden, most notably his immediate loss of income, that imposes a greater challenge. Aside from playing regularly with a number of California based bands, he has taught guitar lessons in his native Orange County. 

The musical trails for the 64-year old guitarist stretch back to the sixties. He spent the nineties as guitarist for the critically acclaimed Missiles of October, played with original Kingston Trio member John Stewart in his band, and currently performs and writes with the Shana Morrison Band, fronted by the daughter of Van Morrison. 

Former bandmates and friends have led the charge in helping Hawkins pay down the massive debt he’s accumulated from his hospital stay where he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. At least three live performances and a number of online donation sites have been setup for his benefit. 

“I’m surprised at the extent of it, I guess I’ve fooled them all these years,” he humbly joked.

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