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Sabian Celebrates 20 Years of AAX Cymbals

hoff • Supplier Scene • June 27, 2014

When AAX burst upon the scene in 1993, it launched the modern era of cymbal-making. Innovative SABIAN design and technology propelled AAX cymbals to new levels of brightness, cut and musicality – and the widest dynamic range ever achieved!Twenty years later AAX remains one of the top-selling cymbal series from any brand.

From a performance perspective, it’s easy to understand why – the Modern Bright tone of AAX cymbals stays clean, clear and accurate at any volume. Response is always bright and crisp. And best of all, AAX offers an impressive range of models with sounds for every style and taste: think X-Plosion Crashes andFast Crashes, accurate and crisp X-Celerator Hats, orthe punchy, cutting Air Splashes. And we’re barely scratching the surface.

But there’s much more behind a successful cymbal series than technical specs and design features. Cymbals and sounds must appeal to players on a gut level – and it’s this more than anything that defines the spirit of AAX.

“I challenged my guys to come up with something new, something that would shake up the drum industry,” commented Bob Zildjian at the time. “Cymbals had been made pretty much the same way for centuries, and it was time for a game-changer. I was confident they could do it – and from the first time I heard AAX, I knew we had it!”

To celebrate 20 years of AAX, SABIAN is offering special pricing on some of the most popular AAX Crashes through October 1, 2014. For complete details on this limited-time promotion, visit


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