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Studio le 25 Creates Balanced Rig With CHAUVET Professional

Christian Wissmuller • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • August 17, 2020

Studio le 25 is bustling livestream production space in Bièvres, France, which has been in operation since April. A harmonious and balanced economy characterizes the venue’s versatile rig, put together by well-known lighting designer Arthur Oudin, whose impressive client list includes Patrick Bruel. 

LED video panels, arranged vertically along the back wall and on the facing of the DJ stand, dominate the rig.  Although the large video displays are essential to creating backdrops and conveying moods for the studio’s various livestream productions, they take up much of the space allotted for the studio’s rig, restricting the amount room left for lighting projections. 

This spatial issue, along with the limited power supply available, made it necessary to complement the video panels with lighting units that offered compact size, energy- efficiency and intense output. Studio le 25 found this blend of features in the 14 CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2X Wash fixtures installed in its rig.

 “We don’t have much electrical power,” said Pascal Maltese of Studio le 25.  “We also have a small surface area, but at the same time, we need a very high-performance package of light.  Fortunately, with the modern technology available to us, we were able to meet all of these requirements with fixtures from our inventory.” 

Depending on the performance being livestreamed, the Rogue R2X Wash units are hung in different configurations on two rows of truss that surround the performance area. Light from the RGBW moving projections is used to bathe the set in an array of colors to match the show and the images displayed on the LED walls. Thanks to the fixture’s intense output, it is able to stand out even against the brightness of the video background.

The wide zoom range of the Rogue R2X Wash makes it easy to change coverage areas for different performances . “We dim the light because we have five cameras for the live shows,” said Maltese. “We play on different color, so when we see the video on the screen there is no reflect from the cameras.”

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