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‘The Great Guitar Build Off’ 2020 Charity Contest Seeks Public Input to Declare Winner

Victoria Wasylak • MMR GlobalSupplier Scene • September 4, 2020

The Great Guitar Build Off 2020 is calling all guitar enthusiasts to cast their votes and help name the winner of this charitable competition. The unique contest challenged the most talented makers on YouTube to build the best electric guitars in a limited time frame and using the same base kit.

The public now has the opportunity to vote for their favorite build, and each guitar will be raffled off with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting charities that the builders have chosen. Although only one builder can be crowned the champion of The Great Guitar Build Off, the true winners are some great charitable causes.

The Great Guitar Build Off is sponsored by Crimson Guitars, which provided the luthiers’ kits used in the competition. The contest was free of rules, allowing each builder to decide how to customize and complete their guitar. After the guitars were finished, the builders released videos on their YouTube channels to showcase their work.

Now, each builder has been allowed one week of intense campaigning to their respective social media followers and YouTube subscribers, and voting is open on the contest website, To ensure a fair playing field, the scoring system will be worked out based on how many views the last video gets of each competitor. Whomever gets the most views will be 100 percent when calculating the size of the other videos. Then, however many views the next videos get will be divided down to get a percentage of this total. This percentage will then be multiplied by the number of tickets sold to win the guitar.


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