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Trade Regrets: Dave Olsen

Christian Wissmuller • Trade Regrets • September 2, 2020

On September 2, NAMM‘s Dan Del Fiorentino sent the following:

I am sad to report the passing of Dave Olsen.  Dave passed away today at the age of 65.

Dave’s passion for music began when he was eight years old when his mother, who played piano, gave Dave lessons.  He later played French horn for the school band and piano for the high school jazz band, which included Duffy Jackson on drums.  After college he completed Alfred Reed’s music merchandising program.  Alfred recommendations Dave for a job opening at the Wurlitzer Company, which Dave accepted.  Thus Dave’s long career in the music industry began, combining his passion for music and his passion for business.  In 1981 he joined Columbia Pictures Publications and stayed in the publishing side of the business until his passing.

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