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Trade Regrets: Lynn Sheeley, Jr.

Christian Wissmuller • Trade Regrets • March 17, 2020

On March 16, we received the following from NAMM‘s Dan Del Fiorentino:

Our former Board member Lynn Sheeley passed away one day after his 98 birthday.  His daughter wrote the following heartwarming email to us:

I am Lynn Sheeley, Jr.’s youngest daughter, Catherine Sheeley Braden.  Dad received your very kind birthday card for his 98th birthday.  When I arrived recently at his condo in Fort Myers, your card was opened and lying on his desk.  Thank you so much for remembering Dad on his special day – his 98th birthday! Unfortunately, my precious father passed away on March 3rd – just one day after his 98th birthday.  Dad was in ICU for a week before being transferred to Hospice there at Shell Point where he lived.  Dad took his last breath in Hospice only 40 minutes after he had arrived.  Fortunately, Dad passed away peacefully and did not linger which was he fear (and mine, too!) Dad spoke often of your visit with him and of your video.  Thanks to you, I can go to this video online and see Dad and listen to his voice one more time.  What a wonderful lasting memento and treasure of my father! Again, thank you for remembering Dad on his birthday.  And, thank you for mailing your card early so Dad was able to know that you were sending him caring thoughts.

Blessings to you,


Lynn’s father opened a small piano store in east Tennessee in 1908. After serving in D-Day during World War II, Lynn returned home to work in the store, which he later took over. Along the way, the business grew to four locations, two of which are in Knoxville and that Lynn managed for many years. In 1968, Lynn was elected to the NAMM Board and served on the insurance committee working closely with William Gard. The store closed in 1985 and Lynn retired to Florida, where his NAMM Oral History interview was captured in 2017.

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