Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Christian Wissmuller • Upfront • January 17, 2020

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is celebrating 20 years of changing girls lives by designing the very first girl guitar in 2000 that was subsequently inducted into the Museum of Making Music in 2006 and signed by Courtney Love.  It all started with a drawing by Nicole Ciravolo at the age of 2 and Tish Ciravolo turned that simple cloud drawing into a daisy guitar, then into a guitar company which is still the ONLY girl guitar company, to this day.

“Since Daisy Rock Girl Guitars mission statement has always been ‘doing whatever it takes to get more girls to learn how to play guitar and/or bass’ and that is why over 500,000 new girls play both the guitar and bass since 2000. Also, we’ve been endorsing artists from The Bangles and Wanda Jackson to Miley Cyrus and The Sippy Cups and we’ve seen Daisy Rock’s Artist Roster grow to over 600 female artists.  We started the Girl Guitar Revolution when the consensus stated in 2000 that 4% of the guitar playing public was female and now, according to the latest reports, over 50% of females are buying and playing guitars.  But, we’ve only just begun.  Watch where we go in the next 20 years!” said Tish Ciravolo, President/Founder, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars. 2020 will bring new surprises coming from Daisy Rock Girl Guitars with a new worldwide reach underway with Tish Ciravolo speaking in several countries.  A new memoir, new guitar designs, new artists and a new future distributor means it looks like everything’s coming up Daisy’s in 2020.

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